a little routine…

There is something to be said for routine.Image
With having made a positive change in my life, I am now a silent and content witness to watching life unfold, as it does for many, with routines that are complete and solid in nature.
Free to now shape my own routine, I see with clear eyes the routine of others.
He walks with bowed legs, his crooked stick aiding those crooked legs. His smile wide and giving, shining its light upon those who share his morning. His worn cap, frayed yet loved is tipped ever so slightly, his silent acknowledgment of my presence with his.
He runs, panting, sensing and sniffing his well travelled path. A worn tattered rope connected to her, keeps him close and without flight. She too smiles and bids me good morning.
They are there, sharing with me my new routine. This routine I embrace for I am now a participant in a world I was too often absent.
As I walk, regret for having chosen this path does not walk alongside me. There is simply happiness and fulfillment at having chosen to make a life that is reflective of who I am, and who I have always needed to be.

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