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It’s all in a days work: a flight attendant’s life…

For the last few weeks I have had freedom – freedom from assignments, textbooks and endless hours studying in order to gain a post-graduate teaching qualification.

And during those wonderful weeks of freedom I have had time to reflect upon a life once lived. And a good life it was. Flying around the world, partying in Paris, having slings in Singapore and lunching in LA.

But as the saying goes; all good things must come to an end. And so with wings clipped and and a life now lived with feet firmly planted on the ground, I thought a flying photo essay (the type of essay I prefer) was in order.


life, photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

The years I worked at as a flight attendant afforded me many exciting experiences, here are just a few of those moments that I feel fall into this weeks photo challenge, big.

Taking a moment inside the engine of the B777… 😉

The incredible giant Redwoods, California

Incredible and big cloud formation taken from flight deck on route from LAX to SYD