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Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Let’s face it, we all love and appreciate comments we receive on our posts, I know I do. I find them encouraging, constructive and at times, humbling. Yesterday, a comment on my Renewal post from Nick at LetsBeWild  did just that, humbled me. After his humbling comment, he went on to suggest I take a look his Weekly Photo Challenge. I did, and consequently grabbed my camera and went outside this morning and discovered a myriad of wildlife going about their daily business in the vicinity of my pool.

The following was what I captured and as such I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo ChallengeThis week’s Challenge is: Wildlife.  Thanks Nick…

The Green Mile…

Travel theme: foliage

When I saw this week’s travel theme from Where’s my backpack I thought of an image I took whilst driving through the French countryside with my son in April.  These trees were impressive as were their incredible colour.

Forest near Annecy, France