Living a Sausage life..

A dear friend messaged me the other day and spoke about how the best ideas are those that come from the heart. And when you follow those ideas with passion, those ideas are more often than not, successful.

For a very long time I had an idea, one that was born from love and driven by my passion for animals, in particular dachshunds, aka Sausage Dogs.

My idea was to create a space for Sausages to come and stay whilst their humans are away.  A place where they feel loved, secure and a place where they socialise with my own beloved Sausages.

So I took my idea and made it a reality: Stanley & Bear, a hotel for Sausages is open and thriving. 


And as expected, the tears flowed…

I knew it was inevitable I would shed a few tears,  after all I packed up my life in just 10 days and the emotions associated with such a life-changing move were bound to boil over and explode. I just didn’t know when. What follows is what happened this morning, when without warning the floodgates opened and as expected the tears flowed.

Interestingly, my morning begins well, I wake feeling happy and decide to rearrange my apartment. Inspecting an adjacent unused room, I find a tall table, perfect for my cooker and wok. Putting this in place, I move the small bar fridge for better access and arrange all the other pieces to create a workable kitchen space. As I shuffle furniture, Angus & Julia’s calming voices and gentle tunes filter through the room, keeping me company and mixing beautifully with the scent of burning incense.

My 'new' kitchen...
My ‘new’ kitchen…

In my bedroom I move the bed so it faces the window, in this position I can watch a myriad of stars dance in the night sky. And as dawn breaks I will see the dark sky brighten as it bathes in the sun’s early morning light.

When I finish, I feel good and make my first coffee for the morning in my newly ‘designed’ kitchen. Taking my coffee to my desk, I open Facebook to see what friends and family have been up to in another part of the world. It is this moment when I see my cover image of Oscar & Stanley that tears begin to well. My eyes fill and my emotions erupt, I begin to sob and I cannot stop. I’m letting go. Not of my beloved family, friends and dogs, but of the emotions I have suppressed since making the decision to take my life to Penghu. I have expected this outpour of emotion and I let it come and allow it to wash over me for it refreshes and renews.

As I write this now, 3 hours later,  I am not lonely or unhappy for I like it here and after spending the last 3 days getting to know my kids and the teaching role I have undertaken, I am happy with my decision.

Quite simply, I just miss those who I love most in the world and as expected tears flow…


Help: Does Stanley have doggie separation anxiety?

I have a doggie dilemma and in need of advice on how to stop Stanley (my loveable pooch) from barking incessantly when I’m not at home. I believe  it’s probably caused by separation anxiety and I’m at a loss as to how to solve the problem.

At his first modelling assignment as Toto for a friends Wizard of Oz shoot.

It only came to light yesterday afternoon when I returned home from my casual job. My neighbour approached me and said Stanley barks ‘all day long, everyday’, which is incorrect as I’m only gone a few hours, a few days a week . And whilst I agree it  is very frustrating to have a dog bark continuously, to have a neighbour say ‘your dog nearly died the other day, I was ready to do it myself…’ was very upsetting.

So I now need to find a solution, as although he can go to a friends when I’m away, that is not always practical.
Obedience training perhaps? Or has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

Feel free to leave your ideas and thoughts as I would appreciate any advice.