Symbol: WFC

Life is full of contrasts.
It is not merely black or white or shades of light and dark. It is full of beauty if observed closely.
For me this image symbolises life:  moments filled with light and dark that shape our  experiences and emotions to make us who we are.

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Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Let’s face it, we all love and appreciate comments we receive on our posts, I know I do. I find them encouraging, constructive and at times, humbling. Yesterday, a comment on my Renewal post from Nick at LetsBeWild  did just that, humbled me. After his humbling comment, he went on to suggest I take a look his Weekly Photo Challenge. I did, and consequently grabbed my camera and went outside this morning and discovered a myriad of wildlife going about their daily business in the vicinity of my pool.

The following was what I captured and as such I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo ChallengeThis week’s Challenge is: Wildlife.  Thanks Nick…

The Green Mile…